Set your Text wants to remove difficulties people experience in using LaTeX. One can easily make professionally looking publications with the help offered by Set your Text. The needs of the customer are in focus, […] not the system LaTeX. Many other parties that offer help with LaTeX spend a lot of effort in explaining how great LaTeX is. That is very interesting, but it will not necessarily help you, the user, with your project. Set your Text knows a lot about LaTeX, but Set your Text will not annoy you with this knowledge. We will first have a look at your needs, at your questions. Then we will learn you how you can fulfill your requests. Thus, you can make use of the gained capabilities, also when Set your Text might not be available.


Customers of Set your Text…

  • …do not refrain from using LaTeX on basis of usability reasons. 
  • …can realize the layout they have in their mind using LaTeX. As a part of this, customers can find specific packages that are part of the LaTeX ecosystem in order to attain specific requirements. For example, music notation, chemical structures, braille, schemes, tables, drawings, etc. 
  • …will notice their documents are more consistent in layout and changes are more easily carried out during the writing- and layout process. 


Vic van Dijk paintingVic van Dijk uses LaTeX since his studies Chemical Engineering. He refrains from typing code; Vic uses a graphical user interface as much as possible. That works way easier, while still obtaining the superior output quality that LaTeX delivers. 

Vic pities that very few people know how to use LaTeX in a user friendly way. He gets energy from learning stuff to people. How nice when you see that people can learn to make their publications with LaTeX on their own! 


Set your Text offers templates, manuals and courses. Tailor-made solutions are possible after inquiry. 

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions can be downloaded in Dutch as a pdf-file (120 kB)


The VAT identification number (in Dutch: “btw identificatienummer/btw-id”) of Set your Text is NL001749266B70. 


When you send this form, the contact person is informed by e-mail. This enables Set your Text to fulfill your contact request. Your name, e-mail address and other data you filled in are stored in the database of the website. The data filled in on the form, such as name and e-mail address, are stored in a database. This database serves as a backup facility in case the the e-mail is not properly sent. The database is purged regularly, at least half-yearly. Your data will not be shared with others unless you approved this.  See for more information the privacy statement