Chemical drawings

Chemfig is an excellent LaTeX package that enables you to easily draw chemical structures. One needs to get used to the code chemfig “eats.” The basic code is simple, as can be seen from the following line of code:



Structure of pentanoate, typeset by the LaTeX package “chemfig”
Structure of pentanoate, typeset by the LaTeX package “chemfig”

Many more structures can be typeset using chemfig. Carbon rings and polymer brackets are easy to code and will be typeset beautifully. The following snippet of code

\polymerdelim[height=20pt, depth=20pt, indice=\!\!n, delimiters={[]}]{op}{cl}

is typeset as

Structure of poly(carbonate)
Structure of poly(carbonate)

Chemfig can even typeset complete reaction mechanisms:

Keto-enol tautomerization of PVP
Keto-enol tautomerization of PVP

Set your Text guides you in chemical drawings

A course or consultation with Set your Text enables you to produce excellent chemical drawings. Please get in touch for a talk on the options available.


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