A lot of references to other articles, books etc. are made in a scientific article. BibTeX closely cooperates with LaTeX in order to take care of our bibliography. In fact, many people started using LaTeX/BibTeX for the very reason of hassle-free citations. 

The good news is, you can start using your bibliography (.bib file) while writing your text in LyX. Just choose a citation style, and be assured you can come back to this decision any time. 

When you have time to make up your mind on what citation style to use, here is some help with the standard styles that come with BibTeX: 

Set your Text can help you with defining your own citation stye. For example, Set your Text made following style:

Example of custom citation format by Set your Text

This custom citation style features:

  • clickable doi-links in pdf for easy retrieval of the cited sources
  • author names in small caps
  • source titles (such as the journal name) in italics
  • bold formatting of the volume number
  • a list of (clickable) page numbers where the reference is cited in the document
  • the citation list is sorted on author surname

A one page pdf displaying these features can be downloaded

Set your Text offers tools for tailored citations

A course or consultation with Set your Text enables you to tailor the referencing to other works in your publications. Please get in touch for a talk on the options available. 

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