Set your Text always loads the microtype package. This ensures automatic minor adjustments to character placement. What does that mean? Have a look at the figure above (or this pdf file or the view below this blog text), then you will see the effect of microtype. The left page is without microtypographic adjustments, the right page is typeset with the use of the LaTeX package microtype. 

Clearly, the right page contains more words while using the same number of lines as the left page. By looking you can tell why: the left page has more whitespace. Microtype can reduce unnecessary whitespace and increase the amount of characters by small adjustments. Clever, isn’t it? Well, after reading this, you can forget about microtype. With Set your Text, microtype will do its job silently.  

Do you want to produce printed matter that fits perfectly?

Then please contact Set your Text for a short conversation on your needs. Set your Text enables you to use this and other methods for making your text look perfectly. 


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