Typesetting a modern thesis

When in academia, one needs to publish a thesis sometime. With guidance and templates from Set your Text, one can easily design a bachelor, master or PhD-thesis. 

See for example this fictitious “thesis” (see below or as pdf) that was typeset using the contents of three existing scientific article from plos one. The main text is typeset in Linux Libertine font that gives a classic look. A modern touch is created using solid sans serif headings. Subtle inverse page and chapter numbering on the sides of the paper add to this modern touch. 

The bibliography contains all references from the different chapters together. These are sorted on author surname and numbered. A thesis author can make different choices of course. References using author names and publication years instead of numbers are possible. 

The chemical structures in Chapter 4 were typeset using the LaTeX package chemfig. Other structures were included as pictures from the original article. 

Need help with designing your thesis?

Feel free to get in touch with Set your Text for a conversation about your wishes for your PhD thesis or another scientific report. The advice and course materials from Set your Text will put you in control of the design of your dissertation. Your work will look neatly and professionally. 


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