After having followed a course of Set your Text, you can produce professionally looking publications yourself. My goal is to ensure you do not need Set your Text anymore after a period of learning. Finishing a course means you will be able to easily make good-looking articles, reports or even an annual Christmas menu. 

Course programme

Naturally, a course consists of transferring background information in class. I especially want you to start on the structure and layout of your own project. Whatever this project might be. Applying the tools from Set your Text on your project ensures you learn the most. Of course, we can also do assignments in class together. Alternative classes can be thought of. […]  A standard course can have up to 12 participants. Bigger groups are possible, but the course has to be changed then. More has to be done as a class, and the assignments have to be done individually. Feedback after class will be given and more classes are needed.

After the course

Finishing the course does not mean you are finished. Things get only started then! On an individual basis, depending on your needs, we will decide together how Set your Text can further support you. Templates play an important role here. Set your Text will get you started nicely!